Matrimonial Cases

The cases related to marriage or after marriage cases are mentioned as matrimonial cases. Unlike other sorts of cases, these cases always revolve around the husband and wife. These cases include different scopes like a name change, divorce, guardianship, child custody, etc. There are different sections already stated by law to solve every case efficiently. When a wife is aggrieved by her husband, she has full right to claim maintenance under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Protection of women against domestic violence act, 2005. These are to maintain both the maintenance order and protection order against domestic violence serving the rights of women. The divorce cases are presented in the court and the marriage dissolution by mutual consent can be performed after the whole legal process. People generally confuse between child custody and guardianship as both of them are purely different matters. Child custody is the term used when one parent is given the custody to care for a child whereas guardianship is about giving the child's custody to someone who is not the child's biological parent. We have a separate and isolated team working on these matters that consists of experienced lawyers and other legal authorities who have expertise in this section. According to section 498a IPC (Indian Penal Code), if a husband or any relative of husband treats a woman to cruelty, s/he will be punished strictly by law. The punishment includes imprisonment up to 3 years and monetary penalty. In case, the appellant is not satisfied with the judgment lower court has announced, s/he has the right to file the case in the upper court, which is counted under appeals. One can contact Advocate Narender Singh to get the legal matter resolved with effective followups and correct favorable decisions.