Criminal Cases

The cases which involve formal accusation against the person, who is accused of a crime, are defined as criminal cases. After getting the crime proven, a “statement” is declared by the court against the criminal. This statement may include the punishment against the crime in the form of a fine (penalty in monetary terms), imprisonment, etc. The criminal cases may include the different zones including the areas like banks, organizations, NGOs, safety and security, criminal activities like murder, sexual assault, etc. In case of cheque bounce matters or dishonor of cheque, the accused person gets either imprisonment up to 2 years or needs to pay some monetary penalty. Bail and anticipatory bail is conditional in case of criminal cases and the accused is supposed to be present in the court whenever required. Fraud and scandal cases or the criminal breach of trust are all counted under the criminal cases and the person accused of a crime is subjected to a strict statement by the court. According to section 154 of the code of criminal law procedure, the registration of FIR is mandatory in criminal cases, if there is no pre-inquiry permitted in these cases. A form of written command against the culprit, in case of any criminal activity, presented by the name of a court or other legal authorities is called criminal writ. Advocate Narender Singh along with his whole team is already knowledgeable and experienced enough to solve all the matters ad documentation related to the above-mentioned points. Till date, the number of criminal appeals against conviction and acquittals have been presented and turned out with favorable results. They are concerned that no culprit, involved in any of the fraudulent and criminal cases, remains unpunished or without a statement. The expertise of the whole team with even critical and complex cases will simply help save your precious time too.