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Usually, private disputes between individuals or organizations are counted under civil cases. Here, one party in the dispute raises a complaint and pays the filing fee to get the civil case started in the court. The various types of civil cases include contract and property disputes, torts, class action cases, complaints against the city, etc. The civil cases are processed by following the 6 steps, i.e. pleadings, motions, scheduling conference and order, discovery, pre-trial conference and order, trial and appeals. In case, the defendant of the case doesn't have his defence, Order 37 of the code of Civil Procedure allows processing the suit for recovery or summary suit. MACT (Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal) involves the matters that include the loss of life or property or the injuries faced in the accidents. Advocate Narender Singh and his whole team are dedicated to resolving your problems related to different civil matters like rent control matters, service matters, labour matters, consumer matters, etc. either by arbitration or by imposing a penalty on the accused person (as per the demand of the case). No matter what sort of civil case is there, one can simply get the best solutions with Advocate Narender Singh. Of course, a person who is not connected with the legal terms and procedures can’t himself understand the whole process of civil cases or any other form of case. Here, you can contact the team to get your matter represented in the court and get the result in your favour. Not only about filing and representing the cases, but if you are not satisfied with the result in any court, we can assist you to get the case filed in the higher court also (i.e. civil appeals). To get your case filed and solved with the easy and simple approach, you can contact us via the details provided in the "Contact Us" section of the website.